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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the fastest growing martial art in the world. It is a grappling based martial art that relies on position, leverage and technique. Widely regarded as the most comprehensive and dominant self defense system on the planet, BJJ allows the smaller, weaker person to protect themselves using submission holds without striking. BJJ is traditionally trained while wearing a Gi (Martial Arts uniform) so participants can better learn technique. However, the 10th Planet is a no-gi BJJ system founded ADCC legend Eddie Bravo.

10th Planet Savannah offers no-gi classes that will accommodate everyone from a new white belt to the most advanced black belt. The BJJ class consists of a 20-30 minute warm up, approximately 30 minutes of technique drilling and 20-30 minutes of live grappling and sparring. All students are welcome.t

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